EntreLeadership: A Day with Dave Ramsey

Garvens Mortgage Group attended Dave Ramsey's EntreLeadership

Garvens Mortgage Group attended Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership


It’s a fact of language: When an idea is new and sufficiently profound, it demands an equally new and profound word to describe it. This fact was on display at the Pike’s Peak Center on October 9th, when the Garvens Mortgage Group team, through its association with The Jay Garvens Show and KRDO News Radio, attended Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership seminar. This idea—EntreLeadership—is at once startlingly new and surprisingly familiar. Every small business owner will recognize the problems it addresses, but few would anticipate its solutions. The seminar offered a tremendous opportunity for professional growth and reflection for each member of the Garvens Group team.

A portmanteau of entrepreneurship and leadership, EntreLeadership tasks all small business owners with considering how disparate these two concepts are, how fundamental they are to a successful small business, and how each individual has the capacity to exercise both.

Consider the qualities of an entrepreneur (daring, high-energy, independent, risk-taking) and a leader (dependable, cooperative, resilient). Then consider how few people naturally possess these qualities together. Though very few do, a successful business owner must. EntreLeadership offers insights, tools, and strategies for every individual to develop these qualities for themselves, and help develop them in others.

Moving beyond the two words composing its title, EntreLeadership covers every aspect of the small business, from organizational structure and finances to optimal hiring and firing procedures.

The topic I found most edifying, however, was on interpersonal cooperation. Many small businesses evaluate their employees’ personality types using one personality test or other, the most common being Meyers-Briggs or DISC. EntreLeadership uses the DISC system, which plots individuals along two axes: an X-axis of quicker to act/slower to act, and a Y-axis of people-oriented/task oriented. They are then given one of four designations: Drive, Influence, Steadiness, or Caution.

Assessing an individual u

sing these metrics provides extraordinary insight into their thought processes, values, and approach to interpersonal communication. As I’ve seen in every business environment I’ve ever worked in, the two biggest and most reoccurring problems in a firm are conflict and miscommunication between individuals. This arises because two individuals with different personality types don’t know how to communicate with one another; where one prefers direct confrontation and a more aggressive approach to problem-solving, another might be more submissive and value the simple fact that their idea is considered, even if that idea isn’t adopted. The dominant personality is offended when their idea isn’t adopted immediately; the submissive personality is offended that their idea isn’t considered at all.

Unique to EntreLeadership, at least in my experience, is that the program doesn’t simply explain the different personality types and how to avoid conflict among them, but offers methods for individuals to channel the various personality types toward achieving common goals.

Put more practically, while an entrepreneur typically has hundreds of (mostly bad) ideas, a leader typically has—or potentially has—exposure to hundreds of different ideas from the many individuals he leads.

Jay Garvens and Dave RamseyA great EntreLeader can collect these ideas as a leader, then synthesize and develop them using their natural passion and excitement as an entrepreneur.

Understanding and appreciating the various personality types benefits individuals at all levels of an organization—not just the leadership positions. Relationships between employees, between employees and customers, between the company and vendors, and even between family members can all be enhanced using the methods developed in the EntreLeadership program. In short, the program stresses that interactions are never between employees and management, businesses and customers, representatives and vendors, one team and another; interactions are always between people. Recognizing this fact enhances these interactions to each party’s mutual benefit.

There were, of course, many other topics covered at the seminar, and each member of the Garvens Group team benefited in a different way. Anyone interested in the program can attend one of its traveling seminars, or look for the EntreLeadership book in stores or online. Although the book doesn’t capture the experience of seeing Dave Ramsey live, it offers a wealth of detailed information, stories, anecdotes, and insights.

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