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With numerous military installations, colleges, and non-profit organizations, Colorado Springs is home to one of the most mobile, dynamic population centers in the nation. As soldiers leave for brief or extended deployments, non-profits relocate employees in and out of the city, and college students come and go each semester, the Springs offers lucrative and unparalleled investment opportunities.

The unique characteristics of our residents coupled with the nationwide trend of depressed real estate prices and record-low interest rates makes this the most exciting time to diversify your investment portfolio with investment properties. With two loan officers that are both veterans and local investment property owners, we have the background and expertise to guide you through the application process and help you navigate the local investing scene.

Investment property mortgage loans are available though conventional lending channels, as well as through the FHA and VA loan programs. We offer both purchase and refinance loans, and can even help devise a purchase/refinance scheme to help you achieve a broad range of financial goals. Want to take cash out of an existing property to make a down payment on a new investment property? Or refinance your primary residence to pay off an investment property and enjoy a lower rate? No matter what your goals, we have the knowledge and insight to help you attain it.

While there are numerous loan programs and products available for investment properties, there are also limits. Residential investment loans are available only on 1 to 4 unit complexes; anything more falls into commercial property for which the VA, FHA, and most conventional lenders do not offer products.

Since investment properties not occupied by the borrower are considered riskier to investors, the underwriting and lending guidelines are more strict and will factor in rental income. Further, most lenders require a 25% down payment on investment properties.

The more stringent lending standards, however, should not deter you starting or adding to your investment portfolio. There has never been a better time to acquire new properties. And we’re here to guide you through the entire process.

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