Mortgage Loan Options

Mortgage Loan Options…We will always give our clients options.

Garvens Group of Churchill Mortgage believes in providing our customers with as many mortgage loan options as possible…It’s What We Do!

Conventional loans

The most common of loan products, these loans meet the needs of most clients. While the absence of government backing demands better credit to qualify, the cost of these loans is considerably lower than most comparable government-backed loans. Click here to learn more about conventional loans.

FHA loans

For over 80 years, FHA loans have helped more Americans achieve homeownership by making loans available to borrowers who may not qualify for conventional financing. Backed by the federal government, these loans offer low down payments with reduced qualifying demands on credit and income. Click here to learn more about the FHA loan program.

VA Loans

A specialty of Garvens Mortgage Groups, the VA loan program is an earned benefit offered to all active duty and retired military personnel. With highly competitive pricing, no mortgage insurance requirement, the option to wrap the down payment into the loan principal, and further benefits extended to disabled vets, the VA loan is undeniably the best loan product on the market. Click here to learn more about VA loan products.

Reverse Mortgage

The principle purpose of the reverse mortgage is to provide older individuals with a low-risk source of extra income as a one-time lump sum, regular monthly payments, or some combination of the two. Therefore, anyone taking out a reverse mortgage must be 62 years old or older. Click here to learn more about getting a reverse mortgage.

Non-traditional loans

Adjustable rate. B/C loans. Interest only. Jumbo. Reverse mortgage. What are they, and are they right for you? Unconventional financial situations demand unconventional financial products. For select borrowers, these loan programs offer versatile alternatives to more conventional methods of financing. Click here to learn more about non-traditional loan products and see which may be right for you.

Investment property loans

With interest rates low and the real estate market weak, there’s never been a better time to purchase new investment properties or refinance your existing portfolio. Financing for investment properties is available as FHA, VA, and conventional loans, but demand higher qualifying standards than loans for owner-occupied properties. Click here to learn more about investment property loans.

Challenged Credit

The 2008 housing collapse and subsequent recession left many potential borrowers unable to secure a mortgage loan. Banks have adopted tighter, more stringent lending standards while the financial position of most American households has diminished. Those who may have qualified a few years ago now find home loans unattainable. But we can help, so please call us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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